Your Life Purpose and Name Gifts Revealed - A Lifepath Numerology Webinar SKU: 177473

What Your DOB and Name Reveal About Your Best (and Trickiest) Qualities
Want to know more about lifepaths? Your key turning points (ages)?
The secrets in your name? Then this class is for you!

Note: this class is available FREE to members of my Patreon group as of 2020-2021. Be sure to check us out!

This 2.75 hour online class is a fantastic introduction to numerology, packed full of profound insights into yourself and your loved ones. My system is easy to follow and has been tested with the help of thousands of clients since 2011. It's incredibly powerful and will give you the confidence you need to trust your gut.

Here's some unsolicited feedback - "For someone as thorough and hardworking as you, an instant thank you is well-deserved. Thanks a lot for the lovely and detailed lesson. You truly are passionate about teaching and it shows. It was fascinating and eye-opening to watch and I'll surely sign up for the next one." Shubha from India

“Sarah’s webinar is a must if you are interested in learning the fundamentals of numerology. I love the down-to-earth sense of humour and clarity she brings to her teaching style. Numerology offers a wonderful framework for self-reflection and self-understanding – rather than berating myself over past choices, I can see how all experiences are part of a bigger learning journey. Thanks Sarah!” Mel

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Here's what you'll learn in this e-pack (containing a detailed video and 68 page slide handout):

-Numerology in a nutshell - how to use this information for the highest good
-Strengths and opportunities for lifepaths 1-9, 11, 22, 33 and 44, with examples and key age turning points. Find your lifepath
-Name numerology basics – how your birth and current name influence your career, mindset, relationships and lifepath expression. See my readings for famous people, e.g. this one for Dan Millman (The Life You Were Born to Live)
-Hints for choosing baby names and changing names e.g. due to divorce/ marriage. See my posts on choosing Forrest’s name and Charlie’s name as a starting point. I also cover the meaning of Karmic Debt Numbers (13, 14, 16 and 19), which often cause unnecessary confusion.
-Putting it all together – how to create a reading based on what you learned (in this webinar and the 2019 Forecast)

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Things to know:
This is a followon to my 2019 Numerology Forecast webinar, however it's also a stand alone workshop. 

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I look forwards to your feedback on this class. This information can truly set you free from fear!