11 Secrets To A Successful Therapy Business - Webinar SKU: 189659

Do you want to start a successful therapy business?
Already working as a therapist/ reader/ coach/ healer and want to go to the next level?
Sick of being paid peanuts and feeling under-valued?
Struggle with marketing and pricing your services?
Want to understand your business name numerology?

2022 update: Price reduced from $55 to $22! Don't miss out on this amazing class

Then buy this e-pack to receive: 
-Access to a super information packed 2 hour webinar. I've included my best business, self-care and 11:11 based manifestation tips, based on my success readings for thousands of people since 2007 and working in high level fundraising and management roles. You will feel totally inspired after watching this class.
-A PDF handout of all 64 slides, with clickable links to blogs and resources.
-Hands-on meditations, affirmations and visualisations to connect with your business and clear your blocks (demonstrated live in the webinar)
-The insights you need to make 2020 an incredible year for your prosperity and health.

Feedback: "I cannot thank you enough for your time and knowledge Sarah! I wasn't even sure why I was drawn to this webinar with you, but what you've provided in my reports and info (tonight) means so much!!!" Sade

"The content has been invaluable. Loved the opportunity for breaks, Q&A, comments and interaction, love your stories as well and the quotes in the slides. You are well-read and so knowledgeable." Cenly

"Sarah’s webinar was really different! I could feel each topic was carefully chosen by her inspirationally and the contents touched my heart, so I didn’t need to remember (facts), they just flowed into me. There were so many practical tips. Also clearly individualised information for us. After the workshop, I felt satisfied and refreshed, like I'd had a healing session." Yumi Ly

"Loving all of this Sarah and especially the original thoughts and the authenticity, and I loved the prayer too (to connect with the reason your business exists and how it heals the world and yourself)." Stephanie

"Sarah has a passion for numbers and helps us tap into this knowledge to not only work with and better ourselves BUT to work with how we can help and better our business which then helps our clients. This webinar gives lots of useful information.  If you want to take your business to the next level...just do it! A great gift to yourself." Sally

"Since COVID-19, I've been looking for more creative and resourceful avenues of income and ways to potentially grow and develop my own business and brand. I'd been following Sarah and her work for a while now and discovered her "11 Secrets to a Successful Therapy Business" Webinar. I watched it all in one night and it was beyond what I had expected. The way Sarah manages to blend science and spirituality so cohesively always astounds me.

Her understanding of numbers and words and their significance is always so illuminating and her use of metaphor and symbology makes difficult concepts more digestible and relatable. Not to mention her quirky sense of humour and warm, friendly manner! Thank you Sarah for such an informative, comprehensive and heartfelt presentation. I'm truly inspired to integrate some of your teachings and wisdom into developing a more sustainable, successful and ethical business for myself and my community." William Wong (Yoga the Wong Way)


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Here's what we cover:

1) Self care is everything. 
2) Partnerships are sweet. Use my '5 Angels' hack for handling crises.. 
3) Critics are fun! All bridge builders attract trolls. 
4) Wild hearts rule.  How you can connect with the spirit of your business via your heart. 
5) Praise, don't gossip. How to supercharge your public profile and reputation.
6) Commit to the miracle. The important of visualising your legacy.
7) Evolve or go extinct. The blessing of teaching vs crown shyness (racing to the bottom)
8) Money is oxygen - breathe it in. Creating gratitude stats and 'clean' exchanges.
9) A healthy ego goes far. The danger of charging too low.
10) Celebrate often. Rituals that increase success. 
11) Embrace your wobble. Pulling all these tips together! 

Plus: Business name numerology and how it attracts/ repels clients (including a template to do your own brief analysis and a look at my business name) and much more…

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I look forwards to hearing about your business breakthroughs.

Sarah and the 11:11 Angelas