Why Your Child Chose You - A Family Numerology Webinar SKU: 190108

Do you have a child born 2000-?
Want to know why your child chose you?
Feel like your child is highly sensitive and/ or knowing for their age?

Wondering what the new generation are here to do?
Keen to understand your family dynamics and create harmony at home?

Then this 2.25 hour webinar is for you! It contains detailed tips on your child’s purpose and compatibility with others, based on their lifepath in numerology (the sum of their DOB and spiritual job description). This class is the result of thousands of readings and almost 100 workshops I have delivered to families and individuals since 2011. This package will give you the confidence you need to be a fantastic parent who trusts their intuition. 

***Plus a 2.25hr bonus call recorded 29 June***
More info: https://sarahyip.com/why-your-child-chose-you-a-family-numerology-webinar/

This replay does not include an individual family chart, but does include helpful templates. For a family chart, you are welcome to book a reading https://sarahyip.com/bookings/ Customised packages are possible.

Be sure to check out the followup Why You Chose Your Mother: https://sarahyip.com/why-you-chose-your-mother-a-family-numerology-webinar/ ($33)

“I felt drawn to this class after I made the decision to leave my child’s father. Ours charts blew me away and opened my eyes. I felt like I needed more information, so I added my mother, sister and child’s father’s charts and that ROCKED my world. The synchronicities were insane. My sister, daughter and myself all share a similar chart and we’re like 3 peas in a pod.

Your course taught me information I wouldn’t find anywhere else and made me feel confident in where I’m at and the direction I’m heading. It also made me feel more connected to my family, I’m usually the odd one out. Thank you Sarah!! It was an invaluable experience ❤.” Sophie F, Oct 2022

"Sarah's webinar was insightful, helpful and authentic. She ran us through individual lifepaths in a stepwise manner which actually imprinted them in my head. The material was concise and easy to understand. The question and answer sessions in between were a great idea. The grids taught were completely new for me and something rarely found in most numerology websites. There was a group energy which was palpable and it brought shifts for several days onward. Most adorable was the part where Sarah showed her kids' pictures! I am already awaiting the next webinar. Thanks." Shubha 

"I have just finished listening to this class and have been filling out the grids with such amazement at how this all works. I am a 38/11 life path with a 7-8-9 line and I now get why I feel like I do! A really informative and engaging webinar." Nadine Z.


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