2020 Energy Update - 11 Ways to Recover Your Trust - A Webinar with Sarah Yip SKU: 199897

Feeling bowled over by 2020? 
Plans for this year gone pear-shaped?
Need safe ways to release your anxiety and grief?

Want to get back up again for 2021, a Universal 5 Year of Freedom?

Then this webinar is for you. Special Offer - $22 (reduced from $55!)

Why take this class? 
-It will help you recover your confidence for the last quarter of 2020. 
-It will give you a massive head start to 2021 by showing you exactly what themes are coming up next. 
-It will give you peace around the Divine order of 2020 and the COVID-19 pandemic, while sharing self-healing techniques to clear your grief and worries.

"So inspiring Sarah, so many words to ignite the leader within and hope for change and love tomorrow. I am called to unveil the unseen so I think I'm heading in the right direction and you are really shining a light." Tineke, attendee

What inspired this class?
2020 has been a year of extremes. As much as I predicted financial drama, panic bugs and an exit from the rat race this year, even I've been shocked at the magnitude of change. I'm sure you've been left reeling as well. 

The word leader is an anagram of 'dealer'. Someone who shows up when all others have given up. Now is the time, more than ever, for us to embrace our Soul gifts and to build back better to create the 11:11 Age of Aquarius. I believe that the minority will become the majority in 2021. Your voice is needed so we can all rise up! That's why I've created this class to get you into your power again. 

Here's what we cover in the 2.5 hour video
Introduction & Why You See 11:11
2020’s Major Spiritual Lessons and Unexpected Gifts
2020 Major Events (includes an intuitive analysis of the social and political forces at play)
Coronavirus Poem – The Bridges are Now Open (see the blog)
How COVID-19 Has Triggered Consciousness 
COVID-19 and Empaths (inspired by this blog)
The Challenges of Global Anxiety / Tips for Relief
2021 Numerology Preview (extract from upcoming webinar on 3 Jan 2021)
2021 Chinese Astrology Preview (it's all about recovery!)
11 Steps For Recovering Your Trust in 2020 (based on the chakra system)
A Reminder to Free Yourself (see the blog)
Thank You and Next Steps

Bonus healing techniques in the replay:
- Bridge of Kindness (16min) - dissolve old fear to take the leap into your highest state of confidence 
Meditation - Past Present and Future You (12min) - reunite with your younger and older selves for ultimate self-trust
-Your Schedule Shows Your True Values
-Write a Letter to Your 2019 Self
-Days the Earth has Provided for You
-11:11 Repeating Numbers overview

At $22 (was $55), this transformative webinar is an amazing offer - the 2.5 hour video, meditation tracks and 62 page illustrated notes (with over 35 photos and diagrams) contain wisdom that is worth several times more. I have made this class as affordable as possible, because 2020 has been full of heartache and I want you to know the truth of who you are. 

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More feedback:

"I am so very grateful for this webinar and for all of your insight and guidance Sarah. I am really working hard to rise above all the noise and embrace who I am, and you have been a guide for me, bringing me out of the darkness." Andrea

"The energy (in all Sarah's classes) has been beautiful. I have cried in every one. The meditations are especially soul stirring and are helping me to see myself as more than the person I believed I was. Sarah has a calming voice. I have never really been able to fully immerse myself into meditation before but have found it easier with Sarah every time." Michelle

"The meditation was absolute bliss like light." Anita

"I love your perspective, Sarah. You speak my soul’s language. THANK YOU! The meditation left me feeling profoundly impacted. At peace. Connected super strongly. Grateful. (You shared) brilliant perspectives.  Brilliant connections. TRUTH! So immensely grateful and I know that this (class) has shown up because it is time for me to drop all masks and to show up and be leading for those I am here to lead. As we all are. " Donnamarie

"Thank you so much for today. There was so much anxiety in the group and yet so much readiness for healing. I can imagine how much energy it must have taken you to conduct this, during pregnancy no less. I especially enjoyed the Bridge of Kindness meditation. Your perspective was insightful and refreshing. (I liked your) joke about hydration being the difference between a psychic and sceptic 'getting the message'. It is a great quality to not take yourself or spirituality too seriously." Shubha

"The Coronavirus poem was beautiful and confronting, thank you." Sarah

"Thank you so much Sarah. This webinar was very helpful as are all of your webinars, very enlightening, educational and empowering." Lila

Note: This class was recorded with a live audience via Zoom on Sunday 27th September 2020 on the Gold Coast, Australia. Thank you to everyone who supported the production of this unique healing experience. Best wishes and happy reconnecting with your deepest truth!


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