Change for Good - A Spiritual Money Webinar for 11:11 Seers SKU: 199898

Do you want to make a change for good ?
Ready to free yourself of outdated financial beliefs?
Want to create immediate, radical shifts in your physical and energetic fields?
Seeing repeated numbers like 11:11, 12:12, 111, 222, 333, 444 or 555?
Love to attract more money using ethical principles, numerology and meditation?
Then this webinar is for you!

This webinar contains clearings and insights that will supercharge your ability to manifest wealth and connect with your most abundant Self.  

Why study this class? 2021 is a Universal 5 Year of Freedom, bringing clearing for our throat chakras. With the world in crisis and capitalism (head over heart living) crumbling, now is THE best time to upgrade your thinking around money, abundance and receiving.

Sadly, financial and sex education are human rights that many people are denied. Dictators restrict our freedoms to preserve power. Yet egalitarian leaders want you to reproduce your best ideas. They yearn for a world of equals (the 11:11 Age of Aquarius). That's where I'm coming from.

 You deserve expansion and relief around connecting to Source again!

Why learn with me? I’m a scientist turned spiritual teacher. I went from government, U.N. and charity (where I co-raised millions of dollars) to psychic readings, after experiencing the 11:11 prompts and near-death crises. I have directly helped 4, 200 people and made over $500K. I'm featured in global media and care passionately about you knowing the secrets to prosperity and Soul-level healing.  

Some feedback:

"Within five days of watching the class, my house sold after only one open house with a cash offer $20k higher than than I expected. I received an unexpected 3% payrise, won $100 in a competition, received 10 instant scratchies, a brand new Christmas tree (much needed!) and received $60 in Woolworths vouchers! I highly recommend this course!" Sian

"The class was amazing and really worked. It was jam packed with unique and highly practical tips and a completely different point of view to any other money webinar... which I loved because that represents excellent value...also, I really LOVED the guided meditations! Today (48 hours after the call), I registered a new business name, set up the logo, a temporary website and confirmed my first client on a weekly retainer. First time in nearly 10 years. I also met with two excellent coaches. I'm SO pumped. Thank you." Danielle Neale, Entrepreneur-in-Residence, UNSW Engineering

"Awesome class - the whole week has been a turn around after a very drossy couple of months...your facilitating (did that). Before this call I felt like a the end of it I felt like a king-pin. I liked the way it took a scary subject and unpacked its history, origin and true purpose...stripping back all the intimidation. I've worked with a lot of practitioners over the years and you have something seem to be a true healer. Thank you." Nick, top media consultant 


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