Your 2022 Numerology Forecast - A Webinar for 11:11 See'rs SKU: 218423

Want To Make The Most Of 2022, A Year Of Visionary Love?
Need confidence after the rocky energies of 2020-2021?
Looking for month-by-month numerology and astrology tips?
Love some life path-specific forecasts and meditations?
Seeing 11:11, 12:12, 111, 222, 333, 444, 555, 666 or other repeating numbers? Then this webinar is for you! 
Was $88, now $33! 

Why choose this class? 
-It's based on years of experience, months of research and will give you massive confidence for the year ahead!
-It's easy to follow, fun and practical with many helpful tips. 
-You'll save so much stress! This is the ONLY global forecast that combines numerology, Chinese and Western astrology, Tarot and animal totems to explain 2022's exciting energies. 

2022 is a Universal 6 Year, healing our 6th or third eye chakras. 6 looks like a pregnancy because this is THE ideal time for birthing new realities, after the chaos of the past two years. This forecast is designed to help you as an 11:11 See'r to recover your wisdom.


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What’s Included In The Package:
An insight-packed 5 hour video replay that will help you to master 2022's opportunities. Expect goose bumps! The replay includes handy time stamps, so you can navigate between sections.
11 meditation tracks (a powerful meditation for the third eye, a sound healing by Deniz Akan and 9 life path visualisations.)
70 page full colour notes package with references (PDF)
A personal years in numerology outline (PDF)
An attractive month-by-month 2022 numerology and astrology poster planner (PDF).

See: for a full rundown of what to expect!