Why You Chose Your Mother - A Family Numerology Webinar SKU: 214800

Want to know why you chose your mother at a Soul level?
Love to further heal your relationship (whether she's alive or in Spirit?)
Seeing 11:11, 111, 222 and/ or other repeating numbers?
Then this webinar from August 2021 is for you!

Sale: $33 as of June 2022, original price $99. Save $66!

Who's this class for? Anyone looking for greater peace around their mother and what she represents to them, internally and externally.

What's included: 2 comprehensive videos and a full colour notes package, covering:

-Introduction (Sarah's story - how her mum faced down a carjacker)
-Mythbusting motherhood (Ninhursag vs Adam and Eve)
-How we choose our families before birth 
-Attracting a mother to match our purpose and intended journey
-Crystal grid for the group with Deniz – she opens up the frequencies for distance healing past, present and future. 

-Family numerology insights (energetic meanings of mother/ father/ child)
-Understanding your mother, based on her life path 
-Mother-child compatibility by life path - includes comparison tables. Also see the bonus video which covers every combination (including Master 11/22/33/44's)
-Further links and references

-Q&A throughout the replay, covering many topics including how to deal with difficult family members
-A bonus video, which covers the 18 highest potentials and 12 greatest learnings possible in mother-child relationships. 
-Made With Love, a guided meditation for healing body image and talking to your mother's Soul - published as a separate audio track (link in notes)
-Worlds Within You, a guided meditation for connecting with the inner and outer realms to remind you of your (w)holiness and creative power. This track is included in the bonus video mentioned above. 

More details are here: https://sarahyip.com/why-you-chose-your-mother-a-family-numerology-webinar/

Please note: This class builds on the information in Why Your Child Chose You, which is recommended background watching for Why You Chose Your Mother. If you prefer not to buy both classes, I suggest browsing the pages under Find Your Life Path so you understand the basics of life path calculation.

At $33 (originally $99-121), this online class is an amazing offer - the 4+ hours of video, and 50 pages of notes contain secrets and wisdom that are worth several times more. I am making this webinar affordable because I love seeing families forgive each other and reconnect. 

You will not find this combination of info anywhere else as it’s a group channelling and educational event that has taken me years to research and create. 



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Also, just a note that this replay does not include an individual reading for you and your mother, but does include helpful tips and resources. For a customised numerology analysis, you are welcome to book with me at sarahyip.com